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False Narratives

If it's to cold we turn up the thermostat. If it's to dark, we flip a switch and and there is light. If we are hungry we go to the fridge, grab some food that took no energy on our part to obtain, and then cook it on an artificial heat source that requires nothing more than a turn of a knob.

Humans have come along way since the discovery of fire. All of today's modern conveniences are a blip in the time line of human history. For thousands of years humans have had to deal with the elements, kill and gather their own food, and be controlled by natural light. It's only been in the past century or so that we took control over all those things with technological advances.

The technological advances of the industrial revolution brought humanity comfort, and some sense of stability, to a generation of people that watched their children die from mumps, measles, and small pox. Technology helped us so many ways, that within 3 generations it became hard not to put it into the place of mankind's savior.

Today, technology has become so advanced that humans are now attempting to upload their persona to the metaverse, to save it for eternity. The idea is that can be digitally saved in cyberspace, like a big file of mere data, then be downloaded to a clone body upon death, or hang out digitally in another human created dimension called "Virtual Reality," forever. I know it sounds like something straight out of science fiction, but humans are embracing the idea of a reality where they are in control of the experiences, ideas, and virtual kingdoms from which to reign. Humans are jumping on the "virtual reality" train so fast that there is now a "virtual universe" realtor that sells virtual properties Who would fall for such a scam you ask? Top investors that's who. The biggest virtual land accusation was "Sandbox Metaverse : a parcel of virtual land that was acquired for $4.3 million in the Sandbox metaverse sometime in December 2021, making it the most expensive virtual real estate to date.

The acquisition, according to various reports, was led by a group of developers who go by the name “Republic Realm” from the video game company Atari (the mastermind behind RollerCoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and all that simulation jazz!).

Interestingly, this acquisition was made barely a week after a sought-after parcel, Fashion Street Estate, sold for $2.4 million in Decentraland. The Sandbox acquisition quickly hi-jacked the spotlight to become the highest priced virtual property yet." (1)

Sounds absolutely crazy, $3.4 million dollars for a piece of imaginary ground! It may be crazy, but for some the there is a ton of money to be made Virtually. The South Korean pop sensation BTS made a cool $20 mil pulling over 750,600 virtual concert ticket holders at only one virtual show.(2) Crazy!

With all this technology is humanity changing? Are we destined for greater achievements than we have ever seen before? Or are we on a path of destruction? If the Ancient Pyramids and writing of antiquity have anything to tell us we are trodding down the same path humans did in Noah's day!

The most trusted library of ancient text tells us we are stepping down the same path as ancient humans. With the advent of the internet and now the search for immorality in the metaverse we have picked up where the Ancients left off at the Tower of Babble.(3) People have always tried to transcend their created order, "make a name for themselves"...In otherwords create a Godless culture, where humans get to exercise their own will. This perversion of the created order started with the first humans. (4) They usurped their own kingship by listening to a "snake" that crafted words, speaking perversions directly to the dominion attribute of mankind. It's funny how internal dialog of man and demon, can craft itself into a narrative that amplifies lies and muffles truth. Narratives that can only grow and prosper in the cultivated "worlds" made by man. These narratives can only take traction if man's day to day life is dictated by human control. Reality can never be experienced in a narrative that leaves it out. That narrative can only exist in the infrastructure of imposters. Terms such as climate control, supply chain, and supermarket whisper "For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God.” Gen 3:6. All the things in our concrete jungles, high horsepowered chariots, and behemoth technological advances scream that whisper louder and louder as time rolls on, demanding us to worship their godship over our lives. Yet in one failed swoop, one virus, or the clash of human created monsters with names like EMP and Atom, these fraudulent narratives, along with their 15 minute cities, will implode under their own weight because they were built without a foundation. From the inside they are beautiful and experientially pleasing until the powers running them create a pandemic or shut the power off. It is at this point when everyone will become still agian. When people realize they have been conned into believing that they though they had built their lives on solid ground, when, in actuality it was sinking sand. These failed narratives have been trusted so long that they have become a part of us. Eons ago we threw off our fetters, and lost life's navigational tools with them. Aimless and abandoned by such lies, people try to escape the ship of life, only to find out that the hell on this earth is only a inkling of the hell that permeates in the dark abyss of the delusion that they are trying to escape. Try as we may, there is no human effort that can pull us out of the lie we have sown. We have become so attached to the city, that when it goes we go with it.

Our only hope is to be detached from it. To change citizenship. To be born into the grandest of all narratives. To be born into the original narrative, the only one grounded on unmoveable rock. The one that places us in submission and strips us of our usurped pride. A narrative that starts to open the eyes of the people who were kept in darkness. A narrative with roadsigns that are made of dirt, mountains, and streams. Who's wind, rain, and sun speak of something greater.(5) A narrative were submission and petetion to the Grand Story Weaver impart reality. A narrative that overflows with truth. Who's air is clean and taste real. Who's waters are pure and flow with life. Who's Son is so bright that every living thing gets its nourishment by being bound to it. A narrative that is so wild that it tames chaos and kills death. A narrative so real that it defines all other narratives. A narrative so personal that it can only be found in a person. A narrative so perfect that it can be the only expression of God. A narrative so well translated to humankind that it is the Word of God to man. A Narrative so organic that it's devine writer has a name..... Jesus!

He is the beginning and ending. There is only one narrative, all others are counterfit and worthless. They like chaff, will all be thrown away and burned. If you caught yourself jumping from one false narrative to another, take this moment to escape them. Intuitively you can feel their fate. The fangs of their death claw at you as they sink into the abyss. Their emptiness pull at you as the sink lower. If you want to escape an eternity of dispare there is only one action. Surrender your false kingdom, lay it all before the true king. Burn it as an offering, and turn from the impending darkness. Walk in the light that only a servant to the real king can experience. Bow before the Lord and worship Him by submitting your life to his Royal Order. Let His Ideas become your ideas. Let His work become your work. Let His life become your life. There is no other real narrative in the cosmos. The Narrative of the Word(6) is the only Way, the only Truth, and only Life...and No One Can Live Outside of it.

(3)Gen 11:4-9

(4)Gen 3

(5) Rom 1

(6) John 1

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